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Oratile ECD is a community-based organization with a mandate to meet the need for quality Early Childhood development interventions in Diepsloot.


In the early nineties Diepsloot’s communities were in turmoil and there was a dire need for proper housing, in addition to health and educational facilities. At this time the plight of young, unschooled and vulnerable children became apparent to the community at large, like other community based organizations in the area, Abram Kgari the founder of Oratile ECD saw the need establish a Care Centre in the area where he lives, since there was no ECD in around area. Although he is a man, his genuine love of children pushed him to establish Oratile ECD Centre. Oratile is a Tswana name meaning God’s love. Now over 10 years later, Diepsloot remains one of the 22 identified Presidential Poverty nodes in South Africa, and we remain focused on uplifting this community.


Diepsloot has a huge number of children who are not accessing formal early childhood development (ECD) services due to factors including inadequate family income, difficulty in accessing child care (distance), inadequate information and education regarding the importance of child development. However, high level of poverty in the area remains to be the main factor for the living conditions in Diepsloot Township.

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